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A Secret Weapon in Fighting Domestic Violence

“If we are serious about ending the scourge of domestic violence in this country, as we should be, we must use every tool at our disposal. And the numbers speak for themselves: it’s hard to find a more effective tool than civil legal aid.”

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Aid for crime victims soars to record $40 million

Despite our successes, there are still too few civil attorneys available to provide low-cost or pro bono legal assistance. There are not enough attorneys capable of handling the full spectrum of legal issues that victims face. Very simply, the greatest need is easier or more affordable access to legal assistance, which directly correlates to access to justice.…

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CVHR Fifth Anniversary

It has been a long time since the CVHR blog has been updated, too long in fact.  Despite our lax online activity, behind the face of the CVHR, much has been occurring. In fact, today, we celebrate a major milestone.  Five years ago this day, the CVHR officially incorporated and opened its doors.  Although Indiana…

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