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The Center for Victim and Human Rights (CVHR) was established in 2008 with the specific purpose of providing comprehensive legal representation to victims of crime and human rights abuses, who often lack the safety and resources necessary to access available legal remedies.

Much of the work of the CVHR occurs where the criminal justice process ends, re-establishing balance in the lives of the victims we serve. Balance is created by giving back what was lost to the victim while ensuring that the justice process, be it criminal, immigration, and/or civil, comports with the best traditions of law: openness, fairness, due process, and equality for all.

This is achieved through the work of the CVHR’s staff, board of directors, and volunteers, who are backed along the way by partners and supporters. Together, the staff, board of directors, and volunteers commit over 10,000 hours annually to the CVHR, demonstrating their dedication to the CVHR’s mission of empowering and advancing the safety of victims through legal representation and educational outreach.

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