Volunteer Spotlight – Kara Clements

August 13, 2019

By: Ozmara Arteaga, Nonprofit Management Intern

Former intern and now Fundraising Committee Chair Kara Clements recently sat down with us to talk about her experiences with Center for Victim and Human Rights (CVHR) and why she was inspired to be a change maker for those in need.

A true Gryffindor, Kara Clements has always been passionate about her journey to become an attorney and has always been a hard worker throughout school and beyond. She has had a full-time job since she was 16 and recently graduated from IUPUI with a B.A. in Political Science and a B.A. in Law in Liberal Arts, along with a Paralegal Certificate. Although Kara has finished her undergraduate studies, she has decided not to go to law school just yet. She wants to gain more experience as a paralegal, along with giving herself a small break before heading off to law school so she can become an attorney. Kara found CVHR during the spring of her junior year because she wanted to get more involved in the human rights world given her passion to become a human rights attorney.

Kara says that one of the most important things she learned while interning at CVHR is how to communicate and connect a message to other people in order to get them to care about CVHR’s mission and work.

Thanks to the passion and connection she felt to the work, she stayed in touch with CVHR after her internship. Just this past January she joined the Fundraising Committee, and in May, Kara was elected to became the Fundraising Committee Chair.

One of the things she is most excited for is to be able to create core events for CVHR funding. She is also excited to be in the position of Committee Chair as it is a way in which she can help support CVHR financially and help spread the message about CVHR’s work in the community.

Ultimately, Kara wishes her younger self would have known that she can be a change maker for others. She now knows that change does not have to start in a big way, but it can start small and build from there.