Center for Victim and Human Rights Summer Interns 2019

July 17, 2019

Center for Victim and Human Rights Summer Interns 2019

By: Janice Hsu, Nonprofit Management Intern

Center for Victim and Human Rights (CVHR) always welcomes volunteers to participate in a variety of projects to achieve the CVHR mission: To empower and advance the safety of victims through legal representation and educational outreach. This summer, two new interns and a law clerk were selected to for their dedication to the CVHR’s mission, and willingness to support CVHR’s work by volunteering their time for various projects and activities. See below to get to know each a bit better!

Sarah Barrett (Law Clerk): “I want to become Secretary of State”

Sarah is a student at IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law and is originally from South Carolina. She learned about CVHR through the externship fair on IUPUI’s campus and became interested at once. Sarah always wants to help people and give people what they need. She served in the military as a chemical operations specialist for seven years and worked at Disney World and a travel agency for another several years, all so she could help others. Working at CVHR gave Sarah opportunities to practice what she learned at school, and to learn what she could not get in the classroom. Throughout the summer, she has assisted CVHR’s attorneys as they work to assist victims of domestic violence, sex crimes, stalking, and so on, many of whom are seeking protection from abusers. Someday, Sarah wants to become a Secretary of State, though she will start with small steps, hoping to first become a JAG officer. Besides study and work, Sarah likes to hang out with her friends, paint, and read books that are not school related.

Ozmara Arteaga (Intern): “I want to be an investigator”

Ozmara is a sophomore at IU Bloomington, and was born in the U.S., but she prefers to be seen as Latina, because it is an important part of who she is, and shapes how she views the world. It was through ILI, the Indiana Latino Institute, that she first learned about CVHR. She decided to volunteer for CVHR, not only because the values that CVHR maintains are consistent with those she has in her life, but also because she thinks it is more important to get to know people, and she wanted and internship that was more people and communication focused. Throughout the summer, Ozmara has worked on sponsorship proposals, social media, community collaboration projects, newsletters, and marketing, and has learned a lot of things about human trafficking, domestic violence, and other forms of victimization faced by the clients CVHR serves. In the long run, this internship will be very helpful for her future career plan, since she wants to something in law enforcement, such as becoming police officer or even a detective in the future. In fact, this fall Ozmara will be joining IU Bloomington’s’ Cadet Training Program to take the next steps to become a law enforcement official. Ultimately, Ozmara long-term life goal is to be happy, and her hobbies include sports, music, and dance.

Janice HSU (Intern): “I want to work for the UN”

Janice is a graduate student of philosophy studying for a Master’s degree at IUPUI, and was born to a supportive family and grew up happily. According to her experience, Janice believes that happiness is human beings’ top goal, and she wants to help people to pursue their happiness. Because she sees human rights an important role in human happiness, she decided to apply for the internship with CVHR. She learned many new things through the many meetings and conferences she has attended and from the people she met from CVHR’s partner organizations. Volunteering for CVHR was the first step she took towards her career dream, which is to work at the United Union for international human rights, and because she likes to experience and understand various cultures. Janice has traveled to Asia, Africa, Australia, America, and Europe, and likes to play badminton and basketball, and practices saber fencing and weightlifting to stay energetic.